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Sfaira was incorporated in 2017, with seed capital from the founding Board of Directors. Our desire was to shift philanthropy by collaborating with local leaders to identify local challenges and develop local solutions across a holistic set of areas in culturally and environmentally appropriate ways.

The organization we envision will not simply make grants, we will collaborate with local leaders and organizations to invest together in long term development.


Sfaira's team is based in Vancouver, Canada and works with a global community of emerging leaders who share a common vision and commitment to advancing sustainable development. 


Krystie Babalos, Director General

Farah Sheriffdeen, Director of Grants

Stephen Gable, Director of Finance

Lina Azeez, Director of Environment and Community Sustainability

Katie Lin, Director of Communications

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Our mission is to make sustainable community living the norm, where we meet more of our needs from local, renewable resources, we enjoy healthy lives within our fair share of the earth’s resources, while leaving space for wilderness and wildlife.

We started Sfaira Foundation to advance sustainable development; to influence philanthropy by taking a local, culturally-appropriate and holistic approach to development; where local communities are the leaders of their own solutions, and funding and investment is shared by community and Sfaira.

Our foundation supports community organizations around the world to tackle challenges across ten priority areas. These priority areas provide a holistic framework to examine challenges and develop solutions. We have chosen to focus on these ten areas because, in our view, they all have a significant and interdependent impact on people and the planet.

For each priority area, we have defined our own goals and collaborate with community organizations to co-fund innovative policies, plans and projects. We believe a key role of philanthropy is to advance promising solutions that government and companies are not supporting. With these actions, we can help communities advance their own development.

doing work together

Do you want to make a change in your community with a policy, plan or project? Connect with us to find out if we can support your project.


By donating charitable money, we’re able to support more communities, projects and innovations.

Outside Dinner

Join a community of individuals and organizations taking action to advance sustainable development.

Connect with us to find out about volunteer opportunities with our organization.

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