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Every year, Sfaira Foundation invests in and partners with communities driven to create a world where all people have an equal opportunity to live a happy, healthy life within their fair share of the planet.

Explore the projects that we are currently supporting. 

La Maison de la Jeunesse

A youth empowerment center in Les Cayes, Haiti

La Maison De La Jeunesse is the first center in the area to provide youth with the space, resources and mentors needed to achieve their highest potential. The centre provides young people with access to clean water, sanitary systems and culturally appropriate activities and educational facilities, run on solar energy.


Youth have been involved in the design, creation and content of the space. A public library supports youth in their social mobility and access to digital and print information. Weekly youth development and leadership programs will be offered to promote academic and career achievement, as well as civic engagement. Finally, a meal program will be created to promote access to and skills in local food production and nutrition.

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